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The grind of practicing law can easily make any good lawyer forget why they joined the industry in the first place. It is important to take time each week to get inspired by the law and by their fellow colleagues. The following TED Talks address the complexities of the legal system, the ethics that shape the law, and how legal professionals can help enforce justice. Whether you are a prosecutor or a law student, these TED Talks will inspire you in your career.

A Prosecutor’s Vision for a Better Justice SystemAdam Foss, Juvenile Justice Reformer

Foss makes a passionate plea for there to be compassion in the justice system and focuses that passion for youthful offenders. At the time of his TED Talk, Foss was a prosecutor with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. He argues that change can start with the prosecuting attorney while making a well-thought-out argument about empathy and compassion to better society as a whole. 

We Need to Talk About an Injustice Bryan Stevenson, Founder & Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative

Combining the personal and political ethics of the death penalty and the racial imbalance in the sentencing of the death penalty, Bryan Stevenson takes a controversial topic and turns it on its head. He encourages the viewer to the time to examine the issue from all sides. 

Four Ways to Fix a Broken Legal SystemPhillip K. Howard, Lawyer & Legal Activist

Rules and regulations control our lives and Phillip K. Howard offers an interesting perspective on the legal system and the social freedoms we have been awarded. Howard intertwines his legal perspective into his talk and gives viewers four propositions for simplifying the US legal system. 

Lessons From Fashion’s Free CultureJohanna Blakely – Media Scholar at the University of Southern California

Copyright laws have a stronghold on film, music, and software, but barely touch the fashion industry. Johanna Blakely discusses how all creative industries can learn from fashion’s free culture and loosen copyright laws. 

Why Eyewitnesses Get it Wrong Scott Fraser, Forensic Psychologist & Expert Witness

The testimony of an eyewitness plays a considerable part in any case. But any litigator knows that it’s not a reliable source. As an expert witness, Scott Fraser has dedicated his career to exposing the inconsistencies of human memory. He even breaks down the science behind our fallible memories and how legal professionals can work around it during testimony.